Sunday, May 03, 2009

Banana Diet

i just wanna introduce you, one of many health diet called banana diet. Yes we should consume muchmuchmuch of banana in this diet. BUT this diet doesn't need excersice. hahahah it's helps many lazy girl to get perfect body shape as she wants. 

The rule in banana diets are:

1. You should eat 5 bananas in 1 day (ya, i know, it's a little too much for a girl who doesn't like banana)

2. You must not eat rice, potato, pasta (all pasta, macaroni, spaghetti,lasagna, and many more), bihun, kwetiau, and all carbohidrats. its not allowed

3. You must not eat juice and many other fruit. You only eat banana as your fruit

4. You must not eat fried food

5. You could eat chocolate but the cocoa ingredients should start from 60% and free from milk and many aother fatty things

6. You could eat sausage but only turkey sausage

7. You could eat chicken but only breast chicken without skin

8. You could eat yoghurt, in 0% fat free (and the good news you still could eat sour sally, yeaiiyy!!)

9. You could drink milk

10. You could eat cheese with low fat

11. You could eat meat with less fatty, tenderloin is good 

12. You should eat vegetables, much vegetables is good for you girl

13. You should eat fish, salmon is best fish ever, it has high protein and its good for you

I think that's rule for banana diet is enough than START IT, if you in weight problem or wanna to loss weight, try this healthy diet. Goodluck

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