Wednesday, October 21, 2009

moviemovie and MOVIE

Today, i watched movie again, but different tittle hahaha :) I watched cloudly with a chance of meat balls, with AGUSTINA hahah my besties ever :P, hmm i don't know but situation and condition makes me don't wannna to window shopping or shopping especially at shopping place like mangdu hahahha :)

We watched 3D, the story is funny, even the 3D effect is not get feel enough, like at Keong Mas. But at least the cinema creator tried to make innovation and new experience to wathed movie heheh :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yeahh, today is my last day of mid test, yippiiee, there is no subject to mid test again and i don't have get a pressure about the test hahaha, for refreshing i watched movie at Plaza Semanggi hehe :) yeahh the mall next door :P and i watched inglorious bastreds

The film is good, the actor is AWESOME HANDSOME, which is Brad Pitt and all the actor and actress give a best act there :) i really like this film, the comedy,action, and thriller mix become one BEST FILM. I like the scenes that is really good with the shit colonel, i hate him so much, he is so shit, but fortunately the film ending is the colonel is die hahah :) i like that revenge hahahah

Oyeahh about tuesdaytuesday there is so many things happen today. First i think this semester is crazier and harder than last semester, I don't that is my internal things, or it just external things, i wish i could handle my IPS and IPK just make it in around 3 *I hope so much!! Then i don't know something happen with my thigh, my left thigh tendon just like shock and shock and shock, i don't know something happen with my thigh. It annoying rarely. Maybe i am too tired for couple of days :(


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heart and Mind

Heart says: "I think i gonna call him and say goodnight"

Mind says: "No, you don't have to call him"

Sometimes, you will find a debate in yourself between heart and mind. So am i now. i terrible going to call him, this silent night makes me thought about sweetest things that i really hope especially for my Christmas Wishes. But now, i didn't do something worth it . Something willing to do. I miss him. The good things, we through together, so much fun and enchanted :)

But you know, there is nothing at all with him, there is no great progress, or maybe it just my wishful thought which is never happen later. He never try to text me, but yeahh we always meet at campus. He called me once to ask something. We dated more than once and it ends nice. He ever asked me for another dating, but i rejected. Then yesterday i watched movie with him, and it is so flat.

I don't let boyfriend-list-criteria grown up, i just wanna accept all bad or good about him, but the result is none. Maybe it is called "Soul mate is not going any where". So i have been sincered to God with this man, with future will happen. I sincered every this things to God and Holy Mary. Let Them make it good at time for us.


Christmas Wishes

Yeahh, i have a Christmas wishes which is wish so far away from December. Do you know? That my Christmas wishes is have a boyfriend. So, i will have a adorable Christmas for 2009. I wish i will go to the church with my boy friend, sing a Christmas song together after that hang outwith friends til 00.00 in Dec 25, and be the first one to say "Merry Christmas, dear". But, let i take a look for my relation, until now i don't have a steady boy friend or steady dating partner. So i let it flow what my wishes will happen soon.

I have been praying to Holy marry and Jesus for this wishes, i do have much many kind of prayer to fate all i have all my faith to God, i just trying this way harder than before. But, i don't get any answer from Jesus and Holy Marry yet. I feel a little bit desperate and much don't care about this wish. Sounds weird i don't care to my wish but, i have been tried in my way, and until now there is none.

I have a best faith, that "Everything have their time". There is so many time in your life. For example time for dating, time for test, and there is for HAVE A BOY FRIEND.
So, i give thanks for everything God give to me and every good things i got with my status now. I am so happy and gratitude all i get now and tomorrow

I wish "I have a boyfriend to celebrate the christmas together"

GBU friends :)