Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yeahh, today is my last day of mid test, yippiiee, there is no subject to mid test again and i don't have get a pressure about the test hahaha, for refreshing i watched movie at Plaza Semanggi hehe :) yeahh the mall next door :P and i watched inglorious bastreds

The film is good, the actor is AWESOME HANDSOME, which is Brad Pitt and all the actor and actress give a best act there :) i really like this film, the comedy,action, and thriller mix become one BEST FILM. I like the scenes that is really good with the shit colonel, i hate him so much, he is so shit, but fortunately the film ending is the colonel is die hahah :) i like that revenge hahahah

Oyeahh about tuesdaytuesday there is so many things happen today. First i think this semester is crazier and harder than last semester, I don't that is my internal things, or it just external things, i wish i could handle my IPS and IPK just make it in around 3 *I hope so much!! Then i don't know something happen with my thigh, my left thigh tendon just like shock and shock and shock, i don't know something happen with my thigh. It annoying rarely. Maybe i am too tired for couple of days :(


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Gogo Caroselle said...

sebagus itukah filmnya rach?
aa jangan2 kamu sales nya mereka yaa haha
aku jd pengen nontonnn hihi