Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Wishes

Yeahh, i have a Christmas wishes which is wish so far away from December. Do you know? That my Christmas wishes is have a boyfriend. So, i will have a adorable Christmas for 2009. I wish i will go to the church with my boy friend, sing a Christmas song together after that hang outwith friends til 00.00 in Dec 25, and be the first one to say "Merry Christmas, dear". But, let i take a look for my relation, until now i don't have a steady boy friend or steady dating partner. So i let it flow what my wishes will happen soon.

I have been praying to Holy marry and Jesus for this wishes, i do have much many kind of prayer to fate all i have all my faith to God, i just trying this way harder than before. But, i don't get any answer from Jesus and Holy Marry yet. I feel a little bit desperate and much don't care about this wish. Sounds weird i don't care to my wish but, i have been tried in my way, and until now there is none.

I have a best faith, that "Everything have their time". There is so many time in your life. For example time for dating, time for test, and there is for HAVE A BOY FRIEND.
So, i give thanks for everything God give to me and every good things i got with my status now. I am so happy and gratitude all i get now and tomorrow

I wish "I have a boyfriend to celebrate the christmas together"

GBU friends :)

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