Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heart and Mind

Heart says: "I think i gonna call him and say goodnight"

Mind says: "No, you don't have to call him"

Sometimes, you will find a debate in yourself between heart and mind. So am i now. i terrible going to call him, this silent night makes me thought about sweetest things that i really hope especially for my Christmas Wishes. But now, i didn't do something worth it . Something willing to do. I miss him. The good things, we through together, so much fun and enchanted :)

But you know, there is nothing at all with him, there is no great progress, or maybe it just my wishful thought which is never happen later. He never try to text me, but yeahh we always meet at campus. He called me once to ask something. We dated more than once and it ends nice. He ever asked me for another dating, but i rejected. Then yesterday i watched movie with him, and it is so flat.

I don't let boyfriend-list-criteria grown up, i just wanna accept all bad or good about him, but the result is none. Maybe it is called "Soul mate is not going any where". So i have been sincered to God with this man, with future will happen. I sincered every this things to God and Holy Mary. Let Them make it good at time for us.



Gogo Caroselle said...

you are one gorgeous lady rach, really... i think you're beautiful... if he cant see that, well it's his lost... cuma jangan mau pdkt duluan... kasi umpan, cuma jgn terlalu keliatan...
stay expensive cos guys like to chase someone who is hard to get...

rachel inez fransisca said...

ia kak gogo, itu gimana caranya, kalo sama dia aku bisa berubah bgt dehh. padahal sama org lain bisa bgt jual mahal hwhw :)