Friday, July 03, 2009

How to Make Sushi ala Rachel Inez Fransisca

Like i said in my last posting, i would tell you, how to make sushi ala Inez hahahah (it is allowed for little bit narcissm ok)

Ok First, you have to prepare the inggredients. There are:
-Hot Rice
-1 piece japanese cucumber
-Hot water (to soak the salmon and kani)
-Tempura flour (fried it a moment and take it)

For helping us make sushi you have to prepare the tools. There are
-Sushi roll (You must have sushi roll)
-Grating board
-Chopping board

Then you prepare the inggredients and tools, let's make a sushi
1. Put the sushi roll on the chooping board and put the nori on the sushi roll. (There is 3 stack). Then fill full the hot rice on nori but don't to full, make it 3/4 full of rice and give 1/4 part for patch one side to the other side
2. Put the lettuce, kani, salmon, grater cheese, avocado, and tempura flour
3. Then roll it. Roll it slowly so every inggredients could solid with rice
4. After that you could serve it or you want make it fried. You could make wet flour dough with eeg, kana flour and water, blend until smooth. Then put in the sushi to the flour and fried it

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