Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wardobe Trip

strip shirt-kamiseta/short-hand made/sandals-v n c/accesories and bag-handicraft Yogya

Yesterday me and my friends Vina and Agustina had a wardobe trip. We went to Tebet to look out our shopping list. I have blazer, high waist skirt and wallet in my shopping list. My friend vina has sandal and shirt in her shopping list and Agustina has sandal in her shopping list. We started our trip from Endorse and ended in Bloop. The stuff wasn't fill full my shopping criteria so i didn't buy anything but my friends Vina bought shirt and Agustina bought sandals. The trip wasn't complish without hand gift to my family so I bought Bebek Ginyo for my dad and nanny

Not satisfied with less hand carried, we are decided to go to Pelangi. In the end i bought my lovely purpish bag from east park and bought some bread at bread talk. We were tired and have to go home

my lovely purplish <3

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