Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unusual Saturday

Today is unusual day for me. This morning i've got bad news from my grandma's sister that her husband is just passed away. In panic me and my family decided to packing and went there but, it canceled cause my little sister (irene) so scared about grief thing and just my mom go to Cirebon to attend the funeral and me, irene and my pap stay at Jakarta. Then, me, my sister and my dad delivered my mom at Puri Indah Mall and waiting her sister pick her up and we are shopping at Mall.

In the end, i cut my hair. Like usually, i do love bob style for me. It is really fit for my hair type and my face, but there is any difference, my hair stylist made layer to my hair. It makes any change for my hair but still defend my bob style heheh <3

my new hair cut

After went to Salon and buy some stationery and novel at Gramedia, we wen to Sushi Naga. It is not far from Puri Indah Mall, and the price isn't expensive, so we can eat alot sushi there.

me and me little sister, Irene

this all food and drink we order

and we completed it until the plate is clean

You have to visit and eat at Sushi naga. It is so nice ambience and relaxing. Not far from my home (at Jakarta barat) and the polite waiter and waiteress will service you nicely

Sushi Naga located at Jl Meruya Utara Elok E-8/21 and across SMP 134
You can call to reserved, because it crowed in weekend and lunch or dinner time
021-5890 6186

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