Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last Day at Work

under my desk

Since 1 month ago, i worked on my university holiday as a volunteer in Red Top Hotel Pecenongan work at accounting department helped the account payable section. I am so happy and excited for the worked and i am so sad, will not have a suuppeerrduperr busy day to find the lost account payable note and so miss our work partner who is very funny and talkative. It makes my day happier then don't have feel any pressure and strive at work, just have fun to through all day. I will miss the break time and short fifteen minute for take a nap (i think you ever felt that 15 effective minute for take a nap til have a dream) hahahha :)
I will say my biggest thank you for their guidance in the work, Mr Toto, Mr Hakim, Mrs Duma, Ms Viona, Mr Hakim, Mrs Opi and all accounting department. For all the guidance so i have know about accounting more than i imagine and more than I've been thinking before i worked. Maybe accounting isn't bad department ever and gloomy department full of stress unbalanced work sheet hahaha :)

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