Friday, July 10, 2009

South to West

shirt-mom's collection/tank top-just d'orange/black skinny-hand made/flat shoes-metro/accesories-random

Yesterday, i went to Campus for have any discusion with all new board. We are so happy elected to new board. All new board is GIRL yeahh, and i can't imagine, when one talk the others want to talk to, so sometimes it will not be clear for chat something hahahhaa after my discusion with new board, i went to Puri Indah Mall for watching 2 film in cinema with titik, desca and pogi. At the beginning i am decided to watch Hanna Montana :) but my friend ask me to watching ink heart to, so why not? we are watching Hanna Montana and Ink Heart yeayeahhh, we wacthed 2 movie in one day

Hanna Montana as disney movie, always so good and funny and Ink heart as a imagination film like Harry Potter, so much unlogic things happen there, and many things unthoughtfull so it is ok, Yeaa it is really fiction movie, so it should be unthoughtful in normal mankind heheh :P

After that, i went to sour sally, have medium size then go home. I am so tired today, so tired at all. Just wanna post something even it shorty


Connie said...

You've been tagged!!

INBERT StreetStyle said...

Wooow... You watch two movies in one day???? Very Amazing dear hohoho....But so do I hahaha....


rachel inez fransisca said...

@connie: thank you for tagging me :)
@inbert: yeaa, ini krn temen yg kurang kerjaan ni, ngajak 2 film sekaligus hahaha :)