Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunnies Sunday

delicioso sate padang

Today, me my pap and little sister go around Jakarta, start from Pasar Grogol. We had a breakfast there and ate delicioso Sate Padang at Ulanaga food stall. The sate padang is different with other. It isn't very spicy, but we can say it's middle spicy (People who don't like spicy could eat this). The price as fair as the taste, you won't regret with price you pay for the taste of sate padang. The location is on the second floor of Pasar Grogol and it is beside snack stall, you will easily find the sate padang stall.

flora and fauna expo @ Lapangan Banteng

After that, we went to Pameran Flora and Fauna in Lapangan Banteng. It was so hot and sunny is on my head, but i am lucky that i brought big umbrella so we were hide under the umbrella. We found cute rabbit, so many rabbit there and there is so many kind of reptil and also plant. My father found the miracle plant, which is called orchid tree. As you know, orchid is not a tree but a flower. The orchid tree has a big stem and big branch. Like his name orchid tree, it isn't as generally orchid. Then, i found kepulauan sepa stand there, i found ikan bandeng with out thorn. The ikan bandeng tanpa duri is cheap enough, the price is 48000/kilo. I've got 3 bandeng in 38000

shirt-nanonine/short-DIY/bag-gogirl bonus/shoes-crocs/watch-alexandra christie

Then at 5 o'clock i going to go to Gambir, pick my mom from Cirebon. I can't waiting the gift from Cirebon. Usually my mom brouught us nasi langgi and nasi jamblang. It is a famous rice at Cirebon, Prawn city hahah <3

I am not patient waiting you come home mom :)


INBERT StreetStyle said...

Yes that's right. Nasi Jamblang very famous @ Cirebon and udh khas bgt dari sana hehehe.... Wanna exchange links???Gonna visit here often.


rachel inez fransisca said...

change link apa ya bert hahahah :) iyaa mampir lah k kota udang hahahhaa

Vina Sagita said...

exchange link means dy ngelink lu and lu ngelink dy nez. hehe